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Load Board for Spot Market Load Matching

Real Time Freight serves carriers and shippers with an advanced platform that streamlines freight matching for both parties. In real-time, shippers can communicate loads that they need hauled to the extensive carrier network of over 12,000 long haul freight companies. And then the same platform will be used by those carriers to offer their available equipment for the shipper’s load. This closed-loop communication network creates significant transportation management advantages.

Freight Shipper Benefits

Shipping companies that have an established network of carriers will benefit most from deploying a private load board, where they can evenly and efficiently distribute their load volume amongst those trucking companies that they are used to working with. But for times when they have overflow freight that needs moved, or for those shipping companies that don’t have a consistent pool of carriers to draw from, the public load board ensures that their freight gets shipped on time, and for the best rates.

The closed-loop technology platform is the same found in private load boards, where shippers gain the advantages of:

    Information Sharing
    Job Training
    Reporting Functionality

The difference between the private load board and the public load board is the carrier network that shippers are extending the load details to. There are over 12,000 carriers logging in to the public load board looking for loads that match their available equipment. Knowing that they are among other carriers within this community, and that the loads are posted by direct shippers, and therefore not being marked up with any broker margins, the carriers provide competitive rates to secure loads for their empty trucks.

Shippers gain market value rates for their loads, and by utilizing the close-loop communication platform, they will be able to make more informed decisions when securing each load. The offered rates also provide a great measure of what the current market value is for certain lanes or specific commodities.

To learn more about joining the Shipper Network, click here.

Freight Carrier Benefits

The public load board from Real Time Freight offers substantial value to trucking companies that are looking to minimize their deadhead miles, and maximize every back haul. The ability to offer their available equipment directly to shippers that have loads in their area ensures a profitable transaction. And with Real Time Freight’s cutting edge technology, finding available loads couldn’t be easier. Powerful search capabilities and then board-level filter and sort controls make it is easy to find all potential loads, and then prioritize which ones to submit offers to. Additionally, carriers can quickly view their history of offers to assist them with their selection and bidding process.

Once a freight carrier has identified a load that best fits his trucking equipment, he can submit an offer through the load board interface, improving his chances to secure the load with the shipping company. The application will not only present the carrier’s offer in real time, but it will also provide the shipper with a pre-loaded carrier packet to solidify their confidence in the quality of the carrier. The shipper will then close the communication loop through the load board application, notifying the carrier that the load has been awarded to them. All awarded loads will be stored in the Offer History tab of the carrier’s application for future reference.

To learn more about joining the Carrier Network, click here.    

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